Connecting PC to a Router in Packet Tracer

Connecting a PC to a router is an important Lab in Packet Tracer. It is a basic lab in Packet Tracer. To connect the PC to a router, 1st click on the network devices, then click on the router. Click on your desired router. In my case, I am selecting the 2811 router by dragging the horizontal scroll bar to the right side.

Drag and drop Router

Click on the 2811 router in the routers section. When the router sign becomes red, which means that you can drop your desired icon in the working area. When we click on the router, then a window appears that defines router functions. There are four tabs in this window which are physical, config, CLI, and attributes tabs. Click on the physical tab which defines the physical functions of the router like router slots/modules, slots/modules information, zooming, on/off buttons, etc.

Select router

Click on the router, then select the Physical tab. In this image, you can see how we change the slot/module of a router, how to zoom in and zoom out, and how to turn it On and Off a router. In the module/slots/ports information, A user can read its details.

select module

Then click on config, here you can change router configuration through GUI. If a user doesn’t want or he/she doesn’t know router commands, then he can change it through the GUI interface. The below CLI (command line interface) shows how you can change router settings through CLI. Through CLI, We control our router through commands, While through the GUI interface, We change the router setting through the mouse and keyboard.

GUI and CLI view

Here we will learn how to add a module in a router. Click on physical and select one module.

Select NM-1FE-TX fast ethernet

Drag and drop the module. When you drop the module, then it will a message will appear, asking to turn off a router.

Turn and Turn Off

The module will be installed because we have turned off the router.

Drop and Down FastEthernet module

Similarly, if you want to add 4 Ethernet port modules, then follow the below method:

4 ethernet port module

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