How to Configure SSH In a Cisco Router Step-by-Step

SSH stands for secure shell. SSH is a cryptographic protocol which encrypts networking data. When data is flowing in an unencrypted network, then a hacker can see the data, which later he/she can misuse that data. So, when SSH encrypts that data, then a middleman can not see the information. Moreover, SSH uses a client-server architecture network. We configure its server side on networking devices, while we configure the client side on end devices just as computers, laptops, or any other endpoint devices. This way, we can make a secure connection from the client to the server.

            There are two versions of SSH

  1. SSH version 1                                b) SSH version 2

SSH uses port number 22 for its communication. To set up SSH configuration, it’s important to make sure that the IP address and its subnet mask have been set up correctly. To configure SSH on the client, there should be SSH client software installed like putty on your laptop or computer, and it should establish its connectivity with Cisco devices like router, and switch.

            We must ensure Proper IP address configuration on networking devices like Cisco Routers, Switches, Firewalls, PCs, etc.

We will use the below Lab for the SSH.

Lab setup for SSH

Assign hostname R1 to the router and IP address with subnet mask to the Fast Ethernet 0/0.

configure IP address on R1

Configure the IP address of a client

IP address of PC

Configure SSH configuration on a router.

SSH configuration on Router

Open CMD of a PC.

pc cmd

Now SSH a router from the PC by typing > ssh –l user1

check ip of

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