What is GNS3 Software? How to download and install it?

Just like Pick a Dresser, GNS3 is another simulation software that is free and open source software licensed by GNS GPL Version-3. IT stands for graphical network simulator. it is also an emulation software.
GNS3 is a popular network emulation software, which people use it for designing, testing, and simulating complex network topologies. They released it in 2008. It supports many vendors’ Hardware but it supports several vendors’ iOS images, just as Cisco, Juniper, HP, Hawaii, Palo Alto, and MikroTik. It doesn’t enforce any limitations on topology. A network engineer can connect its Topology to real devices. A student can practice ccna, ccnp, and ccie labs which you cannot perform in packet tracer.

To install it on a PC, you must have Windows 7 or later, any Linux Distro Debian/Ubuntu. The Processor should be 2 or more cores. A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is required but 8 GB is recommended for heavy topology, while storage is 1GB recommended but more storage is needed to save iOS images.

How to download?

If you already sign in to www.gns3.com, then just click on download.

GNS3 website

Download it for Windows

Download GNS3

But if you don’t have signed in to www.gns3.com, then click on login and enter your credentials, but if you have don’t an account in its website, then click on Create an account and make your account in it. After completing your account, log in to your account.

Enter your email (username) and password.


Download it

Free download

Download it for Windows, but if you have a Mac or Linux OS, then download it for your distro.

GNS3 for windows

Installation of GNS3

When we download GNS3, then the next step is to install it. Double click on GNS3 software, and then follow the steps.

Click on next

Install the GNS3.


Tick the options and, then next

Locate the software destination, which is normally C: Drive

Select VMware workstation

wait for few seconds

Just few seconds wait more

Click on OK

Click on next

I agree

Install it

wait for few seconds

Complete the wizard

Accept license agreement

Install it


Finish it

Just wait for few seconds

Accept the end user license agreement

Enter your own email address here

Click on Next

Click yes or no, according to your desire, but in my case, i am selecting NO.

Finish the GNS3 installation process

The main interface of GNS3 is looking as below.

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