what is Cisco and when was Cisco founded?

Two Stanford University computer science scientists found Cisco, Leonard Basab & Sandy Lerner. Their task was to connect Stanford University computers. They created a box that worked as a multi-protocol Router called “The Blue Box”.

The Cisco name is derived from the city name “San Francisco”. Its logo represents the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. At the time of Cisco’s appearance in the market, it was also waiting for another competitor, e.g. Alcatel-Lucent.

It mainly focused on three market segments: Enterprise Service, Provider, and midsize/small business. It provides its products in five central area

Networking  ii) Security    iii) Collaboration     IV) Service Provider           v) IoT

Cisco also offers IT certifications for its equipment. These certifications are

  1. Entry/Associate Level (CCENT/ CCNA)
  2. Professional Level (CCNP)
  • Expert Level (CCIE)
  1. The Last is Architecture Level (CCAr)

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