How to Connect Computers to a Switch in Cisco Packet Tracer

Connecting Computers to a switch in the packet tracer is the basic lab. Normally this type of lab is considered in a Lan environment, where computers are connected to each other via a switch. Here in this lab, I will use four computers with one Cisco 2950 switch model. We will connect each PC to a switch via a Fast Ethernet straight-through cable. The range of IP addresses will be to At the last, we will verify the connectivity between them. So by starting this lab, start the packet tracer by clicking on its icon. In the first screenshot, click on [network devices] and then select switch model 2950 or any other you want.

click on the 2950 switch model to select it.

click on switch

Now drop it.

drop it

This time, click on the [end devices] and then select the PC.

click on end devices

Drag and drop Four PCs.

Drop four PCs

click on [connections] and then select copper straight-through cable

Click at connections

Now click on PC0 and select fast ethernet

Click at PC0

For this time, click on Switch and select fast ethernet 0/1

Select FE 0/1 of Switch

Now connect all four PCs in the same way through copper straight-through cable as below

Connect all Computers

Now we will assign IP addresses to all four PCs. Click on PC0 and then select IP configuration.

IP configuration

Assign IP address and subnet mask to the PC0

In the same way, Assign IP addresses to PC1, PC2, and PC3 by clicking on each PC, then click on Physical tab >> Desktop >> IP configuration. Assign, and to the PC1, PC2 and PC3, respectively.

:- As all the PCs have gotten IP addresses, so the next step is to check connectivity between PCs by the use of the Ping command.

Click on PC0 and then click on the Desktop tab, then a window will appear, and click on the command prompt. 1st we will check connectivity between PC0 and PC1 by writing PC1’s IP address as shown below in the diagram.

Ping PC1

In the same way, Ping each PC0 from each PC. Each PC is Pinging PC0, which means that they will also Ping each other.

ping every pc

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