What is CCNA Certification and when did Cisco start it?

CCNA certification stands for Cisco certified network associate. Cisco Systems Incorporation is an American multinational company offering certifications for its products, i.e. Routers, Switches, Firewall, etc. There are three levels of certification in the Cisco exam, of which CCNA is the first stage. In this course, students learn about the basics of Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, and access points. Its certification is recognized throughout the world. CCNA was first introduced in 1998, having exam code 640-407. The exam consisted of 60 to 70 questions. The total cost of the exam was 100$ and the total time for the exam was 75 minutes. Then after every few years, the exam code was changed, and also its topics a little.

Cisco CCNA certification is mostly widely used in the world in the field of computer networking. With CCNA, students can learn the basics of computer networking knowledge and hands-on Cisco products. If a student wants to make a career in computer networking, then CCNA is the first choice to start from it. There were many CCNA certification tracks before the CCNA 200-301 exam, like R & W, wireless, data center, security, collaboration, cyber ops, industrial, service provider, etc. But after CCNA 200-301, all the CCNA merged into one CCNA, which is CCNA 200-301.

There are no priories requirements for CCNA certifications because it is the foundation track.

The main topics for the CCNA certification exam are:

Network fundamentals

Network access

IP connectivity

IP services

fundamentals of security

Basics of Python programmability

Basics of Automation

CCNA certification exam at different times        

s.no Year Exam code  Version Exam cost
1 1998 640-407 Version 1 100$
2 2000 640-507 Version 2 100$
3 2002 640-607 Version 3 125$
4 2003 640-801 Version 4 125$
5 2007 640-802 Version 5 250$
6 2013 200-125 Version 6 295$
7 2020 200-301 Version 7 300%

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