Cisco End-Point Devices: Explain its Important Functions.

Cisco Endpoint devices

Cisco end-point devices are those devices that work at the end of the network. Cisco end-point devices include,

  1. Cisco endpoint:               

IP Phone, web mobile, and desktop client

  • Telepresence endpoints:            

Through telepresence, we can make ultra-HD video calls.

Examples of telepresence end-point devices are:

  1. Cisco IP phones 7800 series
  2. Cisco SIP IP software Cisco small business IP phone
  3. Cisco IP phone 8800 series
  4. Video conference:          

Through it, we make our video conferencing calls


  • We do our business by making video call discussion
  • We present our ideas to our experts or colleagues
  • We accelerate our business which provides us with security and reduces the company budget
  • By reducing delays in communication, we deliver our discussion on time
  • It reduces our company budget by making phone calls to exempt our company from employee fare and hotel charges.

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